History Association donates money to school to support history curriculum

On the first of July, Nigel Howe and Ian Curtis joined the children of the school at one of their regular services in the church. This gave Nigel the opportunity to present the school with a case containing a collection of sixteen Roman coins and other artefacts, all of which he had found in the parish. Many of the coins are in very good condition and will give children the chance to handle material that they could only otherwise read about. It also provides them with a direct link to the history of the village.
The headteacher, Mrs Milton, also formally received the contribution from the History Association of £400 for books to support the history curriculum. The money has already been spent on an exciting – and colourful – set of books that range from the Romans to the Victorians.

Robert Morris, Headmaster of Titchmarsh School, 1862

Ian received an email from Phillipa Morris in Australia whose ancestor, Robert Morris was the headmaster at Titchmarsh School in 1862/63.

It seems that in 1865 Robert, his wife and five children sailed for 78 days on the Great Victoria, arriving at Moreton Bay on the last day of the year.  In February 1866 he was the headteacher at Laidley, a small community 83 km west of Brisbane but within a month was dead, dying sometime around the 3rd March.  His wife Mary Ann apparently took over the headship before later moving to Brisbane where she opened a boarding house.  Several of their children also became teachers.
Phillipa has tried to trace Robert’s last resting place but the likely graveyard has been flooded – probably more than once – in the intervening years and there is no stone remaining to mark his passing.
Phillipa has provided many more details about this very sad story and if you are interested in following it up, please contact Ian