Our research has covered areas as diverse as: the origins of local field names, the lost Pickering manor house, Titchmarsh poor house, local legends such as that of Skulking Dudley, the history of the May Queen tradition in the village, identification and reinstatement of lost street names, trades and commerce over the years, and the histories of those commemorated on the war memorial.

Among the public talks we have given, the following themes have been explored :

  • Titchmarsh at War [the impact of WW2 on the village]
  • Ten things you might not know about Titchmarsh [including the history of the castle, incidences of witchcraft, the discovery of skeletons in Church Street, lost cottages, the bride in the chest, scandals and tragedies at the school and the Lilford dynasty.]
  • A brief history of the village [Roman Titchmarsh, the village at Domesday, the lords of the manor, the Civil War, John Dryden etc.]
  • The history of Titchmarsh School.
We have also organised reunions for villagers past and present to give them an opportunity to reminisce and us the opportunity to record their memories.