The lost cottage

The house below stood in the rickyard at Village Farm at the far end of North Street.

Photo courtesy of Daphne Winsor

Cecil Walker was born in 1923 and spent the first 28 years of his life living here.

Cecil remembered the cottage at the Village Farm.  ‘Our cottage stood back in the rickyard.  There used to be two cottages.  They took a half of one down and made the two into one big cottage.  We lived there with my family when we first married.   The rooms were big.  In one bedroom you could put two double beds, one single one and all the furniture.  The day my parents finally left the cottage there was a tremendous thunderstorm.  The lightning struck the chimney and it fell into the room where my father used to sit.’  The cottage was subsequently demolished.

Sylvia and Terry spent some time determining exactly where this house stood, and thanks to their recognition of the wall structure and layout of stones in the wall, were able to confirm exactly where the house stood.    Here is the view today of where the house stood.

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