In the nine years since the association was formed, we have acquired a rich collection of photographs, many dating back over 100 years. These images have been invaluable in helping us reconstruct a picture of the village’s history for our various presentations. In order to ensure that the collection is as comprehensive and accessible as possible, we are spending time reviewing and collating them into a well ordered archive. We have created the following themed folders so that we will be able to easily locate our photographs: Church / Clubroom / Clubs / Events / Farming / Fetes / May Day / People / Pubs / School / Shops / Streets [by sub division] / and Transport.

At the end of review we will have all of our photographs recorded in at least one of these categories and where possible the originator of the photograph is also noted. Eventually we hope to make these available through the History Association website, but this may take a while – in the meantime if you would like to see any of our collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below. On the other hand, If you have any photographs to add to our collection we would be delighted to borrow them, copy and collate them, and return them safely to you, do please get in touch.

It is always exciting to see an image of a place or a person that you have heard about but never knew what they looked like. That is why we were especially thrilled to receive a collection sent to us by Robert Piggott from Essex whose ancestors once lived in Polopit. Not only did it include pictures dating from the early part of the twentieth century of the Austin family but also ones of houses in the lane, the existence of which we have only known about from documentary evidence. Unusually also included were photographs of the rear of the cottages that once stood where the three houses 29 – 33 Polopit now stand.

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