Burial Records

We are frequently asked to help people trace information about their ancestors in the village. One of the most positive – and sometimes emotional – pieces of evidence can be showing them a gravestone inscribed with the name of an ancestor. On the other hand, it can also be a considerable disappointment if the gravestone is missing or no record appears to exist.

With the co-operation of Julia Powell, Sylvia and Terry have been trawling though all the available records in order to come up with a comprehensive and accessible inventory of village burials. This has entailed looking at plans, church records, earlier surveys of the churchyard and documents such as the church warden’s log.

This very much still a work in progress but it has already begun to produce results. For example, very recently a visitor from Surrey was disappointed that she could not find any trace of her family’s final resting place. From this new record, we are now at least able to give an idea of who lies where, even if there is no headstone

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