Romans, Apples and Gylbert Pykeryng, Gentylman

Members of the Association have been very busy over the summer and are keen to share their findings with the village. This they will do at 7.30 on Thursday, 12th October in the Clubroom.
Nigel will be talking about his work in identifying the surprisingly large number of sites of Roman occupation in the parish. Among his many finds have been literally hundreds of coins bearing the images of a range of emperors.
Sylvia will reveal the number of apple trees in the village still bearing fruit a hundred years after they were given to returning soldiers at the end of World War 1. She will then go on to discuss what we intend to do next to preserve the legacy represented by the trees.
Following his recent revelations about the Manor House, Clive’s presentation will focus on Gilbert, the first of the Pickering dynasty in the village. Using centuries-old documents, he will challenge some of the previous research into the subject and provide a picture of a complex and ambitious man.

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