An Apple for the …… Soldier

Next year is the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Great War. As an unusual but far sighted means of celebrating the event, the rector, Canon Luckock is reputed to have given each returning soldier an apple tree. Some of these trees are still to be found in village gardens, now old and gnarled but still flourishing.
Alison Parry in Chapel Street has one of the trees and has been investigating its origins to see if it belongs to a specific sub-species. Working with tree specialists she is hoping to produce more trees from cuttings. The planting of this next generation of trees could be part of the village’s commemoration of the end of the war and keep alive the memory of the conflict in the future.
The Association is keen to learn as much as possible about Canon Luckock’s generous gift and to catalogue all the existing trees so that their provenance is not forgotten.
You may recall that Clive Carter has produced a very convincing case for the location the Pickering manor house close to the church. Using the latest laser photography, he has formed a clearer impression of what the gardens looked like. He is now working with metal detectorists Nigel and Ray to confirm his assertion and to put as much detail on the overall picture as possible. Interestingly, Clive has also discovered that the Titchmarsh house was at one stage larger than that at Canons Ashby.
With the assistance of Sylvia, Clive is also in the process of compiling a comprehensive archive of wills from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, not easy given the legal language – some in Latin – and the idiosyncrasies of individual authors. But a rewarding process all the same as they cast an illuminating light on what life was like in those far off days. Our intention is to make the transcripts of these wills available on our website.
Amongst the Association’s other research is that by Les who is composing a series of songs related to his family’s time in the village, linking it to other aspects of village history. Fraser is following up his research into the lives of some of the residents in the village poor house and Mike is interested in investigating the development of the parish road system.

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