Pickerings and Plum Puddings

Titchmarsh and the Civil War.  We have been very pleased with the positive response to the re-establishment of the old street names and it has been gratifying to hear them used in general conversation once again. The one name that seems to have caught people’s imagination is Plum Pudding Road. As it relates to perhaps the most significant period in the village story, we have decided to make it the focus of our next presentation ….

Pickerings and Plum Puddings: Titchmarsh in the Civil War

Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm in the Clubroom

At this presentation we will be looking at the impact of the war on the village, in particular the role of the Pickering brothers, Gilbert, the politician, and John, the soldier. We’ll learn about the significance of Plum Pudding Road and Plum Pudding Hill, which – it is believed – were so named after Cromwell’s army had stopped near Titchmarsh and the villagers fed the soldiers with plum puddings.

During the evening there will be an opportunity to find out how to investigate your own family history. There will be a scanner and A3 printer on hand – we hope that you will bring along any photographs or articles that we could copy and include in the archive, which will be kept for future generations.

There is no charge for admission and the refreshments are free. So please come along: you will receive a warm welcome.

Lottery funding.  We have now come to the end of our lottery funding and have received a positive endorsement from the fund administrators, who congratulated us on our achievements.  This does not mean that we have finished the work, indeed the work seems to expand the more we look into it. If you would like to join us, please let us know.

Heritage trail.   We are already receiving requests for groups of visitors to receive a guided tour of the village based on the heritage trail. If you are new to the village, or would just like to join a guided tour, please let us know

Sylvia [sylviaprestwich@aol.com] or 07850841696, Terry [31 High Street] or Ian [icurtis@sky.com] or 732999.



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