In recent weeks, working on the behalf of Titchmarsh History Association, Nigel Howe and Ray Garside have been scouring the Church Field armed with metal detectors. In particular, they have been looking for evidence of the Pickering’s manor house that we suspect was located there. On 9th June they returned to the village to show what they had found. And what a treasure trove it turned out to be!
There was a total of over two hundred items, ranging from the Roman period through to the twentieth century. The horde includes several coins among which two date from the reign of Charles I. The personal belongings include a number of iron pattens that were fixed to shoes for walking in icy or muddy conditions; belt buckles; and small pieces of jewellery. Among the domestic artefacts are keys: lock escutcheons; thimbles; and iron pot legs. There are also several musket balls of a variety of sizes. The later period is represented by such things as a Land Army badge and a number of small toys, including a potato gun. It is quite possible that the owner of this last item still lives in the village.
Sadly, our two intrepid detectives did not uncover anything that definitively proves the existence on the site of the manor house itself.


  1. Hello,
    I am interested in Titchmarsh because my great grandmother, Mary Ann Whiteman, was born there in 1854. She was the daughter of William Whiteman and his 2nd wife, Eliza Palmer. His first wife was Anne Gray. William immigrated to America in the 1860s with his wife and family. They settled in New York state. My sisters and I were not able to make it to Titchmarsh when we were in England 2 years ago, but will definitely be there soon. As a retired teacher, your project is very dear to my heart. I will continue to read your emails and hope to donate to your cause in the near future. If you could show how one in the United States can send a donation, that would be helpful. I look forward to receiving my “Titchmarch emails”. Please keep sending them.
    Emily West

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