Titchmarsh History Association

Our funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund comes to an end this summer so we are finalising many of the projects that the money has enabled us to undertake. An important part of our work has been to collate all the information and material that we have received into a digital archive that can be readily accessed by anyone interested in researching village history. Although the work is ongoing, we now have a comprehensive collection of fascinating documentation. We have also been able to use some of the money to help the school provide learning materials for pupils.
June will see the publication of our latest book, ‘Echoes of Yesteryear’, a collection of the memoirs of four people who were brought up in the village and who, before they died, wrote down or otherwise recorded what it was like to live here during the early part of the last century. Later in the year we also hope to see roads such as Plum Pudding Road, Lynch Lane and High Road Hill given their own signs and included on modern maps. It is a long process but we remain optimistic of success.
We are occasionally asked to help people trace their ancestors. Often these requests come from people living abroad. Two, for example, have been from Australians whose ancestors were sent ‘on a fourteen or more year sabbatical to the colonies’, a wry way of saying that they were deported! If you are interested in tracing your own ancestry – whether or not your family roots are in the village – we may be able to help. Please do contact us.
You may have seen people with metal detectors scouring the corner of Church Field. At our request, they have been looking for evidence of the Pickering manor house which we are convinced was located there. Although some promising discoveries have been made – including Roman artefacts – we have still not unearthed the conclusive evidence of the remains there being the manor house.
Finally, members of the Association are still undertaking different areas of research ranging from the poor house to a historical murder case. If you would like more information or would like to undertake an investigation of your own with our help, please let us know.

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