Punching Above Its Weight

We are delighted to have received positive feedback on our presentation ‘Punching above its weight – A potted history of Titchmarsh’, on 3rd March, which was well attended and informative.

Recently we have found new evidence and are now convinced that there was a further manor house in the village, situated in the Church Field on the north side, close to the junction with Islington and Church Street. With this find in mind, we have obtained formal permission to carry out metal detecting on the Church Field – you may well have seen our colleagues on the church field with their detectors. We look forward to reviewing their findings soon and there may be a possibility of having a ground imaging survey of the site in the future.

The village trail leaflets are now freely available in the church and in the shop, so if you haven’t picked one up yet, please look out for them.

We are working on, and have almost collated, a summary of memoirs from former villagers and hope to publish soon, using lottery funds. Our next major project is to resurrect forgotten names once used in the village, such as Plum Pudding Road, Lynch Lane, Titchmarsh Brook etc, with a view to reinstating them. If you have a suggestion about which names should be brought back into use we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact one of us – Ian Curtis 732999 or icurtis@sky.com, Terry Higgins, 31 High St, or Sylvia Prestwich sylviaprestwich@aol.com or 07850 841696

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