Punching above its weight: a potted history of Titchmarsh

On 3rd March, over fifty people came to the Clubroom to discover why we are claiming that the village had ‘punched above its weight’ in terms of its contribution to English history. When they heard that no fewer than three Lords Chamberlain were lords of the manor here, that the first Poet Laureate had been raised here, and that men from the village had fought in wars as diverse as the Hundred Years War, the Wars of the Roses, the Civil War and the War of Spanish Succession, the audience agreed that our case was proven. Our rich history is peopled by characters such as Francis Lovell who fought alongside Richard III at Bosworth, Sir Gilbert Pickering who unwittingly loaned the horse that was to be used by Guy Fawkes in his escape from London, and Samuel Pepys who befriended John Creed and whose wedding in the village he attended. No wonder the conversation over wine and refreshments after the talk was so lively.

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