The Powys Family


On 3rd November 2014, Terry and Sylvia were honoured to meet with Ian Powys (pictured above) who is the great grandson of Atherton Legh Powys, Rector of Titchmarsh in 1842. He visited the churchyard in Achurch to record details of the many memorials to the Powys family, and stopped off in Titchmarsh to meet us and to attend the Powys memorial in our churchyard.

Thomas Powys (1743 –1800) was the first Baron Lilford and this family held the Lordship of Titchmarsh and surrounding villages. We are proud to receive a splendid hard copy of the Powys family tree dating back to the 1300s.

Titchmarsh had three rectors from this important family:-
Littleton Powys, brother of the first Baron Lilford, was our Rector from 1788 to 1805, then his nephew Littleton Powys took over after his death and served the village as Rector until his own death in 1842. He was succeeded by his nephew Atherton Legh Powys who was our Rector from 1842 to 1861.

Ian told us of an earlier Thomas Powys (1649 – 1719) who was Attorney General to James II and was ordered to prosecute the Seven Bishops for their opposition to the Declaration of Indulgence.

Ian has in his possession the original diary of Arthur Littleton Powys (Ian’s great uncle) covering the years 1866 & 1867 whilst he was in New Zealand and from 1872 whilst in Argentina, where he was killed by Indians

We were delighted to have this opportunity to learn more about the Powys family.

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