The Pickering Manor House Located?

The History Association has for some time been intrigued about the location of the manor house built by Sir John Pickering in the mid 1500s. Tradition has it that the remains of the house lie beneath the grass of the village playing field, but documentary evidence suggests that it was nearer the church. The riddle may now have been solved: it is possible that there were two houses, the one at the playing field site being superseded by another in Church Field. The 1779 Enclosure Map shows a substantial building and outhouses in the corner of the Church Field next to the junction of Islington and High Street [see map]. Our attention was drawn to this by a talk on John Dryden given by local historian, David Bond.A location such as this would fit in with written evidence such as the complaint made by the Revd Deane about Sir Gilbert in the 1660s and the observations of Robert Bridges in 1778.Pickering Manor House

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