Titchmarsh History Association

We were very pleased to see so many of you at our exhibition before Christmas and hope that you now feel at least a little better informed about the rich heritage of the village. Such has been the interest that both books, House Histories and Titchmarsh Voices, have now sold out. But if you missed out, do not worry as both titles are being reprinted. There are also still a few copies of the DVD, Titchmarsh 2012 available. Orders for any of the publications can be made at the shop or by speaking directly to Sylvia Prestwich on 732712 or Ian Curtis on 732999.
We hear that there have been problems with loose pages in a couple of the House History books. If your copy is faulty, please contact Sylvia for a replacement.
Although our funding from the Heritage Lottery has now finished, we still intend to carry on with our programme of research and presentations. The team is currently finalising the details and we will tell you more in the next edition of the Titchmarsh Times.
Thank you again for your support and encouragement in this work. If you are interested in joining us to help out or to undertake some research of your own, we will be delighted to hear from you. Likewise if there are any topics that you feel merit investigation, please let us know.
Sylvia Prestwich, Terry Higgins, Ian Curtis.

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