Titchmarsh History Association

The 30th November marks the end of the financial support that we have received from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The money has been used mainly to buy materials, equipment, to put on presentations, and to pay for professional help in our productions. It has been a busy year during which we have been able to:
• carry out further research into the history of the village, collating it into an accessible archive. The work has included individual projects such as Mike Greasley’s investigations into the Lilford dynasty and Fraser Mitchell’s detailed analysis of records – including those from various censuses – to find out more about a diverse range of topics from witchcraft in the seventeenth century to the lives of those commemorated on the war memorial in the last century. This latter theme was also pursued by Leslie Ray who has been looking into the story of his great-uncle’s experiences in the First World War. He has also been researching the legend of the Lovell bride and, from this, written a ballad which some of you will have heard at our ‘Ten Things about Titchmarsh’ presentation;
• one hundred years worth of parish magazines (1861 – 1961) have been digitalised and are now available to be seen on the village website www.titchmarsh.info. Summaries of the baptisms, marriages and deaths recorded in the magazines has assisted with the numerous family history enquiries, both from within the village and further afield.
• produce material for the two presentations we ran earlier in the year;
• work with children at the school on aspects of village history;
• produce the DVD of the village in Jubilee year. For this we have to thank Bert Ash who did most of the filming and Geoff Love who has arranged for it to be professionally processed;
• transcribe old super 8 film onto a digital format. Our thanks to Mark Harris for doing this;
• compile a ‘history trail’ leaflet. Shirley Curtis been leading on this. The leaflet will complement the information on the display board being produced by the Jubilee committee;
• thanks to Albin Wallace, who set up a blog for the history project to record and maintain a record of our progress (http://titchmarshvillage.wordpress.com)
• and finally, publish two books, ‘Titchmarsh House Histories’ which provides a fascinating oversight of the village in 2012; and ‘Titchmarsh Voices’ recalling life as it was in the village in the middle of the last century.
Recently, we have been pleased to have Janet Putley join us. Janet has been instrumental in the past in collecting material about the village and her knowledge is going to be very useful in further developing the archive.
We will be bringing all this together at an exhibition to be held in the church from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday 30th November. There will be an opportunity to hear Leslie’s ballad, watch the DVD, and purchase the books. House Histories is priced at £10, Titchmarsh Voices £6 and the DVD at £5 (or all three for £20). There will be light refreshments available. The Parochial Church Council has kindly agreed to let us keep the exhibition up until 7th December.
Even though the funding has ended, we will still carry on with the work and are already planning our programme for next year. If you have any ideas on areas for research or would like to join us in this exciting work, please contact any of the people mentioned above.

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