Visit from a family that moved out of the village in 1925!

Lady Rachel Harris (nee Goucher) and her daughter Judy Rodier visited Titchmarsh today and we were delighted to serve them tea. Lady Harris spoke fondly of her days as a young girl in the village, she was born at Foxholes Farm in 1918 and spent part of her childhood here until the family moved away in 1925. The family were farmers and were friends of Canon Arthur and Mrs Constance Luckock.  Mrs Luckock was godmother to Rachel Goucher and Canon Luckock was godfather to Rachel’s twin Betty. Amongst her recollections of life in the village she recalls the ford across the road at London End and the occasion when her father fell off his bicycle whilst crossing the footbridge over the ford, and as a result of his injuries he lost the sight in one eye.

Terry Higgins & Sylvia Prestwich

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