Ian’s Busy Day

18 May 2013
Ian recorded the recollections of Frances Osborne, the daughter of Harold Turner.  Harold was a church warden and a major employer in the village.  Frances grew up in the village and had many stories to tell about the other members of the family, in particular Alf, Jack, Den and Francis.
18 May 2013
Susan Andrews presented the Association with a copy of the extensive memoirs of her great great uncle Wallace Dudley who was brought up in the village and went on to serve in the Royal Marines, fighting in many of the major conflicts in the first world war – including, Ypres, Vimy Ridge and the Somme – before travelling to the outposts of Empire with the navy.

One thought on “Ian’s Busy Day

  1. Good afternoon
    My name is Kate Walmsley and I am currently working on my family history. My mother was older sister to Rodney O’Rorke. She was born and bred in Titchmarsh. I recall visiting Titchmarsh regularly in the 1950’s to stay with my grandmother. The reason I am writing is because Wallace Dudley would be my great great uncle. His older sister, Martha married Tom Rowlett and my grandmother was their eldest child born in 1900, Jessie Emma.
    I would love to read his memoirs, are you planning on putting them on line or can I buy a copy?
    Kind regards

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