David Hackney

still of IC interviewing David Hackney

Had a very interesting and useful meeting with David Hackney.  David lived for most of his formative years in the village and has an abundant knowledge of what it was like in the forties to eighties.  He was able to fill us in with details of who lived where and enriched our archive with some fascinating tales of the village characters.  And what is more, he handed over much of what Raymond Gray had left to him – photos, documents and, perhaps most exciting of all, a video of material that Raymond had produced from the super 8 film he had taken.  There is footage of work on the farm [the H&S inspectors would have had nightmares], sledging in London End,  a meeting of the hunt, and work on constructing the sewers in the winter of 1963.

We will get the material transcribed to a digital format so that we can share it more widely.

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