Titchmarsh History Association – diary of events (October 2011- January 2013)

Oct 11             Formation of (what is now called) Titchmarsh History Association – founder members Ian Curtis, Terry Higgins & Sylvia Prestwich; working on a series of projects for the Queen Diamond jubilee year 2012.  The projects, called the Diamond Jubilee projects included:-

  • Recording peoples memories of the Coronation in 1953
  • Make a film of events in the village throughout the jubilee year
  • A study of the history of houses in the village
  • Convert 100 years worth of Parish magazines into electronic format
  • Oral histories of people who knew the village around the time of the Coronation.
  • Preserving and reinstating old street names that have lapsed
  • Recording on a village map the names of fields

May 12            Prepare for the Jubilee History exhibition over the Jubilee weekend in early June 2012.

The exhibition included display stands on the following topics:-   (a) recollection of the Coronation celebrations    (b)  map of the fields surrounding the village, and their ancient names     (c)   map of the village showing the locations of some 40 wells, and a few footbridges.    (d)   photographs and a list of every May Queen for the last 100 years   (e)  a sample of the early parish magazine and summary of the baptisms, marriages and burials since 1861   (f)  a detailed map of the locations of the numerous businesses in the village over the last 100 years   (h) pictures and information from the early responders to the ‘house history project’

The exhibition was held in the Clubroom over the long weekend, and then moved to the church for the next 2 months.

July 12             Ian & Shirley Curtis, with the help of Antar, created and printed a 2013 calendar showing ‘Titchmarsh old & new’.   The first run of calendars quickly sold, and a re-run also sold well before Christmas.   In total 250 calendars were produced, and all sold and all of the profits went to Titchmarsh Village Shop.

Nov 12            Our application for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund was accepted and we received 100% of our request, i.e. £3,600.   Our grant was to cover the following:-

  • Talking to people / holding workshops
  • Bringing together material into one archive
  • A follow-up exhibition
  • Recording equipment/software/film editing
  • Start up costs on two publications
  • School packs/village leaflets
  • Training costs and display boards

13 Jan 13         Recorded (on camera) interview with Arthur Dicks

14 Jan 13         Recorded (on camera) first meeting of ‘the extended team’, recruited to help with the workload, taking on specific projects.    The extended team, and their specialised area, are:-

  • Fraser Mitchell – war memorial research and other ancestral enquiries
  • Albin Wallace –  teaching materials, set up and maintain blog, solve IT issues
  • Shirley Curtis – design village trail leaflets and school packs
  • Mike Greasley – researching the influence of the Powys family & Merchant Venturers on the growth of the village.

Jan 13              Titchmarsh History Association blog (created by Albin) up and running

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